Enjoy Life Energy Bites - Dark Chocolate & Raspberry

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Fuel your day with these Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Energy Bites. The indulgent combination of raspberries and dairy-free dark chocolate will make snack time feel like a treat. Perfect for those with allergy sensitivities, Energy Bites are free from common allergens as well as palm oil and gluten. Vegan, GMO Free and Kosher

180g bag

Ingredients: Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Butter), Sugars (Liquid Invert Brown Sugar, Tapioca Syrup), Sunflower Seed Protein, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Pumpkin Seeds, Safflower Oil, Salt), Rice Protein, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa, Dried Raspberries, Vegetable Oil, Natural Flavour, Citric Acid