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EpiCenter Care by AssureTech - Release Date Summer 2020

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This item is available for preorder now. The expected release date is Summer 2020.

By preordering, you will save approximately $25 (price may vary based on the exchange rate with the US dollar).

The item price includes shipping and will be shipped directly to you by AssureTech when it is officially released.


The EpiCenter Case holds two auto-injectors (EpiPen and AuviQ) & wirelessly syncs with the AssureTech mobile app. You (and your network) will receive a reminder if you leave it behind somewhere. The app also shows your epinephrine's last known location for easier retrieval as well as the auto-injector's expiry date.

Text on case reads:

"Allergic to:__________"

"Emergency Contact:_______"  


The price of this item is subject to change based on the exchange rate between the CDN and US dollar.