Ohh Munchies - Apple Pie

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Ohh Foods make these delicious Munchies in a dedicated facility free of peanuts and tree nuts. These Munchies are also free of the top allergens. Each bite is jam packed with only 5 real, wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce and (most importantly) are healthy, so you can snack stress-free.

Ohh! Munchies are the perfect companion to keep you fueled during your busy day, sending with your children to activities and school or just relaxing at the end of the night with your favourite shows. Rolled with apples, oats and topped with a dash of cinnamon, this flavour is perfect if you are craving your classic, fruity apple pie! Hearty from the oats and tart from the apple, Apple Pie is the perfect flavour to kick any sweet cravings you might have!

60 g bag contains 4 apple pie balls

Ingredients: dates, apples, oats*, cinnamon, maple syrup*


This facility is also free of soy, dairy, egg, sodium, and gluten.