The pre-order period will run from June 8, 2018 to July 1, 2018. Orders will be shipped to you in late summer. The pre-order must reach a minimum overall order amount. If not, the order will not be placed and you will be refunded in full for all pre-order items. If you ordered in stock items and the refunded amount brings your order total below the free shipping threshold, shipping will be charged.

Please do not order in stock items when placing your pre-order. However, if you choose to add in stock items to your pre-order, they will be held until all items arrive and are ready to ship. If you order in stock items, please note that they may pass their best before date (not an expiry date) prior to shipping as in stock items are 'reduced to clear' one month prior to their best before date. The time from the start of the pre-order period until the items arrive and are shipped will be longer than one month.

After you place your pre-order, if you'd like to add additional items to your order, please email or message us on Facebook. If you do add additional items and they take your order above the free shipping threshold, your shipping fee (if previously paid) will be refunded.