Cha's Organics Masala Chai Tea

Cha's Organics

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The Cha's Organics facility is free of the top 12 allergens, which includes peanuts and tree nuts, as well as celery and sulphites.

Cha's Organics Masala Chai Tea is a marriage of carefully selected fragrant spices and premium black tea – all grown and harvested from biodiverse family-owned forest gardens by small-scale producers in Sri Lanka.

This product is packaged in a unique hand-crafted paper tin using upcycled paper. For a delicious chai latte, steep 1 heaping teaspoon of Masala Chai Tea in ¼ cup of freshly boiled water for 4 minutes, add ¾ cup of hot milk of your choice, steep an additional 2 minutes and strain. Enjoy the sweet taste that choosing Fairtrade brings, or sweeten a little more with your choice of sweetener.

Certified organic, certified Kosher, certified Fair for Life, no dyes, no sugar added, no anti-caking agents, no added flavours.


Ingredients: organic black tea, organic spices (true cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper, ginger)