Miski Good Foods Puffed Amaranth Dark Chocolate Bark

Miski Organics & Miski Good Foods

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Miski Organics and Miski Good Foods are all manufactured in a facility free of all top allergens.

These chocolate covered pineapple chunks are vegan, made with 100% certified organic ingredients and hand-crafted in Canada. Treat yourself to this delicious and healthy snack that contains the essential minerals and antioxidants of cacao.

The 85% dark chocolate is handcrafted locally with raw cacao nibs and raw cane sugar with no shiny glaze. Eat this on it's own or chop and add to baked goods, cookies, brownies, and more. Ideal for snacking; goes well in yogurt, granola, parfait and ice cream.

Ingredients: Organic puffed amaranth, dark chocolate (85% organic raw cacao nibs/ 15% organic raw cane sugar)