To Be A Nut Or Not!

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To Be A Nut Or Not is a fun story providing a safe manner in which to teach what tree nuts look like as well as answering the question just what *IS* a peanut! To Be A Nut Or Not transpired for two reasons. The first was as an allergy parent, Michelle is constantly looking for creative ways to teach her son what foods to avoid, all the while fully avoiding them. This is a task particularly challenging with tree nuts as they vary greatly in both name and appearance, whole and shelled. The second reason for this book stemmed from a conversation Michelle found herself having again and again regarding the misconception between a peanut and a tree nut. Many have asked why this matters? Well, it’s this! Although an allergy parent has learned that ‘free’ of one doesn’t mean ‘free’ from the other, a well-intentioned caregiver or relative might. It is in assuming peanuts and tree nuts are one of the same therein lies an issue of great concern when avoiding foods due to anaphylaxis.


Allergy Books For Kids is an educational series by two fellow allergy moms! Canadian allergy mom Michelle Nel and illustrated by American allergy mom Jennifer Terry aspired to create books that will not only engage children who have allergies but that they might also be used as resources to aid with allergy education.