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The Cha's Organics facility is free of the top 12 allergens, which includes peanuts and tree nuts, as well as celery and sulphites.

No anti-caking agents, no artificial flavours, certified organic, certified fair trade, preservative free, non irradiated.

True Cinnamon, native to Sri Lanka's biodiverse agriculture is harvested from the bark of the Ceylon Zeylancium tree on our organic farms. A light flavour profile ideal for baking, sprinkling on top of drinks or in your morning superfood smoothies!

True cinnamon quills are placed in thin layers then rolled into the quills you’ve known to love. These quills are best used whole.

Why does this cinnamon taste different than others I have purchased? Most grocery stores carry a variety called Cassia. A variety that is less expensive to harvest and is darker in colour which expresses bitter notes during cooking. Cha’s carries the Ceylon variety native to Sri Lanka known as “True Cinnamon”. True Cinnamon is considerably softer in texture, sweeter in taste and lighter in colour. They also differ greatly in coumarin content and health benefits.

Cha's Organics spices are organic and fair trade certified, grown by organic producers on biodiverse spice gardens in Sri Lanka. Because everything tastes better when it comes from a place of love and respect for people and planet.

This product is packaged in a unique hand-crafted paper tin using upcycled paper, your purchase of this spice supports members of a women’s artisan collective in Sri Lanka.


Ingredients: organic true cinnamon quills