Final Sale

All items in this section are added approximately one month prior to the best before date. 

Unfortunately, most consumers mistake best before dates for expiry dates. Products at or past their best before date are not expired. There are actually only 5 food items in Canada that require an expiry date. Here are some Health Canada resources on best before dates: click here and here.

Did you know that products that have a shelf life of more than 90 days don't even require a best before date on the label? These dates can actually contribute to excessive food waste - approximately 60% of food is lost or wasted in Canada every year and some of that is unnecessary as most shelf stable foods do not require a best before date

Canada is currently discussing removing best before dates as they contribute to excessive food waste!

The products carried at No Nuts About Us are all shelf stable. They are stored at a temperature slightly lower than room temperature and, unless I am in the facility packing orders or restocking, they are always stored in the dark.


Items in this section are either damaged (ie. broken chocolate in a sealed package or a damaged box) or are near their best before date. Please read the description to find out why the item is final sale.