Are all of your products really peanut and tree nut free?

Absolutely! Not only are there no peanuts or tree nuts in the actual ingredient list, we also contact our manufacturers and ask that they complete a detailed questionnaire to ensure that their facility and products are completely free of peanuts and tree nuts.

Note: Since we are located in Canada, we follow Health Canada's allergy labelling guidelines. Coconut is NOT considered a tree nut according to Health Canada's allergy labelling guidelines. That said, we do have many items that are also from coconut free facilities.

We also specifically ask about shea and argan, which some companies don't consider because they don't cause a reaction in some tree nut allergic individuals.

Please note: No Nuts About Us is a retailer and does not manufacture any of the products we sell.

What about other allergens?

Although all of our products are verified to be from peanut and tree nut free facilities, we also actively look for products that are free of other top allergens. We do ask all of our manufacturers what other allergens their facilities are free of and list this information in the product description. Please check with the manufacturer if your allergens are outside the top eight.

Why aren’t all your products 100% organic?

We try our best to provide as many products that are 100% organic; however, it is more important to us that an item be made in a peanut and tree nut free facility. We actively search for organic products that are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility.

Why did your prices change?

No Nuts About Us will do our best to ensure our prices stay consistent; however, sometimes a product's price increases or decreases, which means that our price and your price will also increase or decrease. 

Prices on products that are imported from the USA will fluctuate depending on the Canadian dollar value in comparison to the US dollar.

Why is something out of stock?

No Nuts About Us will do our best to ensure all items are in stock for you to purchase. Unfortunately, sometimes items are back ordered from our suppliers and all we can do is wait. It is hard to anticipate what products will sell quickly. However, as soon as we notice that a product is selling quickly, we will reorder to ensure you don't have to wait. Please enter your email on the out of stock product page to be notified when it's back!

Do you reuse shipping supplies?

We mainly use new boxes and rarely reuse boxes due to not definitively knowing all allergens each family deals with. The odd box that we do reuse for shipping is only reused if the customer has ordered items that came from that box. We do reuse packing paper and bubble wrap from our suppliers as all items are sealed and inside other boxes.

Can you send me samples?

We wish we could offer samples to every customer; however, we have a limited number to hand out. Instead, we will offer sales and discounts several times a year that will be available to all of our customers. We also may just slip a treat into a random order when we have samples to send out.

Although all of our samples are from peanut and tree nut free facilities, they may not be free of other allergens. Due to the variety of food allergens, please share your families food allergy list with us during checkout in the comment section if you choose. This will assist us in ensuring any samples we include with your order are safe for your home.

I've been looking for a certain product but I don't see it on your website. Do you carry it?

We love to hear your suggestions for new products and brands. If you don't see something online, please send us an email or a message on social media. We will do our best to find the product you are looking for. 

Do you accept coupons?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept coupons as we are not a brick and mortar store.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Once your order is placed, we work diligently to ensure it's packaged and shipped out within 1-2 business days, sometimes even within the hour. If you want to cancel or change your order, it may be possible within the first hour of submitting your order. However, changes or cancellations cannot be guaranteed. Please email orders@nonutsaboutus.ca for further details.

Can you carry our products?

We love to hear from manufacturers that want us to carry their brand. Please send an email to info@nonutsaboutus.ca and we will send you our detailed questionnaire. Once completed, we will determine if your brand is a fit with No Nuts About Us.

Why did I get an email asking for an additional shipping fee?

Shipping areas deemed "remote" or shipments deemed oversize or overweight will incur a substantial shipping fee. In order to ship these orders, additional shipping fees apply. Unfortunately, after two emails and 3 days since your order date; if we have not received a response from you, your order may be cancelled and refunded. A restocking fee may apply. Please read our full shipping policy for more details. We do our best to contact you regarding this fee.