After 1 Year on the Real Peanut Patch

2018 Feb 2nd

It's Sunday, January 28 and although the third food challenge for my son's peanut patch trial was last week, I've been struggling with how to express my thoughts on how that day went. I'm having troub … read more

Did the Peanut Patch "Fail" - My Response

2017 Oct 23rd

Within the last few days, mainstream media has been writing about the one year results of the peanut patch phase III trial. I think it's important to read this information with a grain of salt. There … read more

Winter Ready Skin Care Tips

2017 Sep 12th

In addition to being an allergy mom, I also have several degrees and certificates. One of those certifications is in aesthetics. As a certified aesthetician, I am often asked if you really need to swi … read more

What’s your label comfort level?

2017 Jul 17th

As an allergy mom, I belong to many allergy groups on social media. For the most part, they are extremely helpful and supportive. However, one issue seems to spark a debate in many groups - comfort le … read more