Winter Ready Skin Care Tips

2017 Sep 11th

In addition to being an allergy mom, I also have several degrees and certificates. One of those certifications is in aesthetics. As a certified aesthetician, I am often asked if you really need to switch up your skin care products when the weather gets colder - the answer is YES. It's important to realize that your skin needs different products and variations because your skin changes when the weather changes. Some people need to make more substantial product changes, whereas others may simply need one or two quick product swaps. My skin changes a lot with the colder weather and I make several changes to my skin care regime in the colder months. 

So many skin care products are full of chemicals, silicones, parabens, petroleum products, and fragrances, which are severely damaging to your skin and are actual carcinogens. Some of these ingredients may appear to improve your skin, but most of the time, the molecular structure of the ingredients is actually too large to penetrate beyond the top layer of your skin. In addition to scary ingredient lists, many skin care companies use nut oils and nut products either in their products, hidden in their fragrances, on their production lines, and in their facilities. These companies are not required to label for top allergens as the products are not food products. It took me quite a while to find products that were manufactured in facilities that are completely free of peanuts and tree nuts, including shea and argan, that I also felt comfortable recommending as an aesthetician and actually using myself. 

Remember that each person is different and I highly recommend seeing a certified aesthetician to learn more about your skin - one thing to note is that not all provinces in Canada require certification for aestheticians so anyone can take an online course (or none at all) and say they are qualified. Please make sure the professional you see has completed a quality aesthetic program.

Here are a few general tips that may assist you in some simple swaps for the colder weather ahead. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

1. Increase your lightweight moisturizer to a richer cream

Your summer lightweight moisturizer likely doesn't hold up in the colder, dryer season. Depending on your skin type, you may opt for one cream for day and night or you may prefer two different moisturizers, one for day that contains a natural sunscreen and a richer cream for nighttime. Even oily skin types need moisture - it's a myth that moisture = oil. People who think they have oily skin tend to use products that are actually too harsh and end up creating dry, flaky areas. 

Recommended productLuxe lotion by Ladybug Jane available in two sizes in several naturally scented options or unscented

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an important skin care step that many overlook. Exfoliation removes cellular debris that can leave your skin looking dull and congested. This step also allows serums and moisturizers to penetrate the skin better because the surface build-up has been removed. Depending on your skin type, you may need to exfoliate every other day or only once or twice a week. Another option is adding a light exfoliating cleanser to your routine to make this step even easier to incorporate. Stay away from harsh exfoliants, some can actually cause small cuts in the skin and cause more damage than good.

Recommended productLuxe cleanser by Ladybug Jane

3. Swap not using serum for using serum

Serums contain a concentrated amount of active ingredients so they pack a punch in terms of skin concerns, such as anti-aging, firming and pigmentation. Serums should be applied before moisturizer to fully absorb into the skin and provide targeted results. I use serums all year, they are an excellent way to provide your skin with a targeted drink of nutrients. In the winter, I use one serum in the morning and one at night.

Recommended products: Luxe serum by Ladybug Jane available in Lightener & Brightener for hyper-pigmentation, acne breakouts and uneven skin tone or anti-aging to help rejuvenate, hydrate and plump  

4. Swap bare lips for moisturizing lip balm

This is an easy swap although many people choose to wear lip balm all year long. 

Recommended products: Luxe lips by Ladybug Jane for daily moisture or Kiss Freely gloss and lipstick for a night out 

5. Body care is a must

Many people forget to moisturizer their body, especially in the warmer months when it may not seem necessary. Don't skip this step during the colder months to prevent dry, flaky, itchy skin. This includes your hands - hands get super dry in the winter. Don't wait until your hands are already looking dry and flaky, add this step into your daily routine. Remember to keep your kids and babies moisturized too.

Recommended products: Luxe lotion by Ladybug Jane available in two sizes in several naturally scented options or unscented, Carina Organics Botanical Therapeutic Cream Plus for extra dry skin and scalp conditions and Carina Organics baby lotion for babies and kids

6. Don't forget your SPF

Although the days get shorter and it isn't as sunny, the sun's rays can still cause premature aging and damage to your skin. If you want to save a step, make sure your moisturizer contains a natural SPF. 

Recommended product: Luxe lotion by Ladybug Jane available in two sizes in several naturally scented options or unscented

7. Remember to care for your hair

Don't forget that your hair also changes in the colder months. It becomes dry and that often comes with static and breakage. Make sure you are using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Two common hair care myths are that your hair needs to be shampooed daily and that you can skip conditioner if you have an oily scalp. Conditioner does not make your hair oily, the wrong products make your hair seem "greasy" - did you know that store bought hair care products contain waxes as fillers! This will make your hair seem "greasy" so you "need" to wash it more. Quality products do not use waxes. Also, ensure your gels and sprays are free of alcohols, which can make the problem worse. I know this isn't technically skin care, but my mom has been a hairdresser for over 45 years and she is licensed to teach hairdressing, she is also a hair care product special for a variety of professional products lines - she knows her stuff, which I can share with you.

Recommended products: Carina Organics hair care