Chocosol Cacao Symphony 90% Chocolate Bar


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TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE PRODUCT - Although we package well, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that chocolate will not melt, soften or crack during the shipping process.

Due to the delicate nature of this product, high temperatures, humidity, or handling during shipping may cause chocolate products to melt or crack during shipment. We strongly suggest adding temperature controlled shipping if the temperature is above 20 degrees C, please contact us at for more details.

Chocolate that has encountered melting will appear dull coloured or may have greyish/white streaks and dots. This indicates that the cocoa butter is separating from the chocolate and is rising to the surface. Although not the prettiest in appearance, the chocolate is fine to eat with little impact to the texture or taste of the chocolate.

Chocosol Traders products are manufactured in a peanut and tree nut free facility. In addition, their chocolate is also free of soy, dairy, gluten, and preservatives.

Chocosol Traders are bean-to-bar chocolate makers, meaning all of their chocolates are made fresh from the raw cacao beans. Their cacao is roasted, winnowed, stone-ground, and tempered in Toronto, Ontario.

Their cacao and other ingredients used to make their chocolates are all grown and harvested organically, naturally, sustainably, and ethically. Many of the cacao origins are certified organic; however, organic certification is currently not feasible for many of their small-scale partner communities. This means that not all ingredients are certified organic.

Complex blend of all of their single origins blended into one chocolate!For those interested to know, they choose Maple sugar as an expression of their commitment to the eco-gastronomy of forest garden ingredients, and an expression of their stone ground chocolate made on the land in Toronto.This bar is an embodiment of their research into: exploring cacao as a fermented food, cultivating an understanding of the terroir of the cacao varietals within the house blend, and seeking to share the stories and origins of their good, clean and fair cacao origins, and technical expertise.

When we began working with cacao we drew heavily on sommelier language and understanding of terroir. Cacao in fact does reflect terroir, a confluence of geography, altitude, soil types, and genetics, along with the cultural knowledge that determines fermentation, and drying techniques. By working with producers for almost 20 years at the forest garden roots, to the farmers’ market baskets, we have learned a lot about delicious cacao culture and terroir, and with that we invite you to enjoy this beautiful bar which blends in the delectable discourse and flavours of our cacao origins. At the end you decide whether combining these bars creates a synesthesia of flavours, or a cacao-phony of flavour conflicts!


Ingredients: cacao*, maple sugar