Zoey Has An Allergy

Anisha Angella

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World, meet Zoey — a sweet, spunky and smart five-year-old girl. She’s curious, full of adventure and always having fun. However, there’s something about Zoey that makes her unique. She’s making her debut appearance to the world in Zoey has an Allergy, as she describes her allergy journey.

You’ll be taken on Zoey’s journey of self-assurance as she discovers she has food allergies and learns how to understand them. Zoey learns that allergies are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed by, and learns how to keep herself happy and safe.

This book, which is intended for ages 3 and up, is a great resource for educators who are looking to dive rsify their library of children’s books, for those who have people with allergies in their lives or for those who wish to support the allergy community. It is also an excellent tool for parents of children with allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. For children in the allergy community, it is crucial that they see themselves represented — and often they are not. When children see themselves through a character, whether it be in movies, television shows or in this case, a book, it gives them the courage to be themselves.

Join Zoey as she shares her story of how she keeps herself safe, along with how you can keep your allergy friends and family safe too! 

A great tool for new parents of children with allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. An excellent resource for educators that want a teaching tool or a great gift to any family or little one.

Are you ready to build confidence and self-esteem with Zoey?


Written by Anisha Angella

Illustrated by Rachel Batislaong